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The video to the left shows the 3D terrain model of Whitman's Hill Quarry, developed by Land & Minerals Consulting Ltd for the Geodiversity Discovery Venture. The model was developed using ariel photography, relief measuring technnology and industry-standard LSS 3D Vantage modelling tools.

You can hide the playback controls by clicking the video then moving your mouse away. Hover to bring them back.

The standard quality version on the left should stream smoothly if you have a broadband connection with a speed of at least 512Kbps (0.5Mbps).

If you have a faster connection (1Mbps or higher), click "Higher Quality". If you have a dial-up connection (56Kbps), click "Lower Quality". If playback isn't smooth, you should check that nothing else is downloading.

Explore the Quarry Model Interactively

You can explore the original LSS 3D Vantage model interactively by downloading the LVM model and LSS 3D Vantage Viewer: click here to download (~86MB ZIP file).

To open the model, extract the ZIP contents (see advice on using ZIP files), then run the 'LSS3DVantage' application and open the .LVM file. See the 'Help' menu for navigation instructions. You will need a reasonably powerful PC (built ~2004 onwards) to browse the model smoothly.