The quarry is leased by the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Earth Heritage Trust and access is via guided tours only. All visits are run by the Earth Heritage Trust and access can only be provided once a risk assessment has been prepared by the visiting party. The safety of the site has been greatly improved by recent earthworks and clearance but hazards remain. Possible hazards associated with visiting the site are listed below, but this information should not be considered exhaustive and is only provided to aid in compilation of the visiting group's risk assessment.

Group leaders visiting the site have direct responsibility for their group's health, safety, welfare and behaviour at all times.

Site rules

  • Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear; waterproofs and/or suncream may well be required. Hard hats and high visibility jackets are offered to all.
  • To avoid injury and to protect the rock faces from erosion please do not use hammers, chisels or other tools.
  • Please keep to designated areas – these are clearly defined by bunds and safety tape.
  • Please be aware of the possibility of falling debris and in particular do not dislodge material on slopes when others are working below.
  • The climbing on safety bunds is strictly forbidden as there are steep drops and deep water on the other sides of the bunds. Please do not climb on the rock faces as they are easily damaged. Any dangerous behaviour will result in the immediate termination of the visit.
  • Please be aware of the prevailing weather conditions and be prepared to leave the site and the leader's decision if the weather becomes hazardous.
  • Any relevant medical conditions such as vertigo must be made known to the leader before the trip commences.
  • No subsequent access without a leader is permitted – the site is only available for pre-booked organised, guided visits.
  • Fossil collecting is permitted, but please only collect a few representative samples. All samples collected must be labelled and bagged up before the end of the visit using the materials provided. Please always store your fossils with the locality information provided. If you ever wish to get rid of these fossils please do not throw them away – please contact the Earth Heritage Trust, who will take them for others to enjoy.

Some of the potential hazards

  • Road traffic on B4219 – risk can be managed by being careful and vigilant and by the wearing of high visibility vests by leaders and children.
  • Possible waste/litter in the form of broken glass and small barbed wire fragments etc exposed by recent site safety works – clearance ongoing and risk very low.
  • Climbing on safety bunds (disallowed) exposes climber to steep drops and bodies of water.
  • Possibility of rock fall – all hazardous areas have been excluded by means of safety bunds and risk has been minimised.