Booking a Visit

The quarry is leased by the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Earth Heritage Trust and access is via guided tours only.

To request a guided visit, please fill out the Online Booking Form (including name, address, group size and age range. As many visits as funding will permit will be arranged but submission of these forms will help us to demonstrate that there is a demand and will assist us with our ongoing funding applications.

School Visits

Pre-visit activities

No previous knowledge is required but it may be interesting for pupils to look at some rocks and fossils beforehand and to be introduced to the idea of quarrying for limestone in the area, and its impact on the landscape.

The locality could also be looked at to consider maps of different scales and photos/virtual models of the site can be used (see Virtual Tour) to promote discussion of the various features that will be seen there.

As well as visiting the site, groups are offered a "fossil workshop" in Storridge Village Hall prior to visiting the site, subject to availability of the hall on the day of the visit. This workshop aims to familiarise visitors with the fossils they will hopefully find – various activities for different age groups are available. Following the visit, the group returns to Storridge Village Hall in order to identify and label specimens.

Post-visit activities

A number of suggestions for National Curriculum-tailored follow-up activities are provided on the Teaching Resources page.